Casey standing in front of some funky art wearing a cool hat.

I'm Casey Pitman, and I love solving problems.

I love puzzles. I love repairing cars and household appliances. And I love to code.

I began learning to code out of curiosity. I quickly became fascinated by the multitude of problems to solve and all the tools coding provided me. Through coding I learned to identify multiple solutions to any given problem. Solving problems through coding gives me satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

I live in Northeast Texas with my wife and two kids. There are a lot of pine trees and squirrels.


I am a self-taught coder who uses multiple texts and online resources to acquire and sharpen my skills.

My life has taken quite a few turns, and the skills I've learned along the way have proven useful in my coding.

As a journalist I learned to communicate clearly and to review, revise, and edit. As a law student I learned to think logically and develop a plan before acting. As an educator I learned to plan in great detail while remainging flexible enough to deal with the possibilities I never saw coming.

And I’m still learning. I try to learn something new from each project. I am always looking for the next tool to add to my expanding toolbox.

I'm Using

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Git/Github

I'm Learning

  • React
  • Sass
  • APIs

I Want to Learn

  • Node.js
  • Vue.js
  • Angular
  • MongoDB
  • Python



Screenshot of Sugar and Spice Catering website.

Sugar & Spice Catering

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, & jQuery

This is my first freelance project. It is a multi-page website for a local caterer in my hometown. It includes a landing page, a menu, an image gallery, and a contact form.

Screenshot of Purposefully Adrift website.

Purposefully Adrift

HTML & CSS/Flexbox

A multi-page website for a fictional workplace team-building retreat. It includes a landing page, an about page and a FAQ. This was my first fully responsive project.

Screenshot of a sample portfolio site.

Portfolio Site

HTML, CSS, & Bootstrap

This sample portfolio website for a fictional developer was my first project for Skillcrush. The orginal version was not mobile friendly. I recently revisited the project to make it fully responsive.

Screenshot of Bandito Burrito website.

Bandito Burrito

HTML & CSS/Flexbox

This responsive landing page for a fictional food truck is another early project for Skillcrush. I took several liberties with the color palette, imagery, and content in order to make it my own.

Web Apps

Screenshot of Weather with Galactus web app.

Currency Converter

JavaScript & jQuery

An app to convert a given amount of money from one currency system to another using up to date exchange rates.

Screenshot of Choice Bot web app.


JavaScript & jQuery

An app that takes as many choice options as you wish to input and makes a decision for you.

Screenshot of rock, paper, scissors web app.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

JavaScript & jQuery

A classic rock, paper, scissors game.

Screenshot of Pokedex web app.



A Pokédex app created for my son. The content is dynaimcally generated from a javaScript object and can be sorted by type.

Screenshot of color converter web app.

HEX/RGB Color Converter

JavaScript & jQuery

An app created for my wife, who is a graphic designer. Takes either HEX or RGB color values as input and converts the values from one system to the other.

Screencap of Pythagorean Theorem web app.

Pythagorean Theorem

JavaScript & jQuery

An app that takes any two sides of a right triangle and uses the Pythagorean Theorem to solve for the missing side.

Screenshot of prime number identifier.

Prime Number Identifier


This app will determine if a number is prime, composite, or neither. It will also filter out decimal and negative numbers.

Screenshot of percent calculator web app.

Percent Calculator


When a whole amount and partial amount are input this app will calculate and display the percentage.

Screenshot of temperature converter web app.

Temperture Converter


This was the first app I built on my own. It takes a temperature in Kelvin, Celsius, or Fahrenheit and converts it to the other two systems.

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